Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Installation photos

Our technicans used a scissor lift (see above) to install the artwork on the 8m high wall of the Old Fire Station's atrium. When we had originally planned the installation we were expecting to put the work up after the builder's had moved out. Unfortunately there were many problems and delays with the build, so we  installed in the middle of a very busy building site. 
There was no thought of delaying installation as invitations had been sent out to the opening event, and the unveiling of our commission was to be part of the opening ceremony!
We worked in a cloud of dust with all the related difficulties (nowhere to lay out the panels and white gloves seemed pointless!), but the technicians did a sterling job and our work was up within a couple of days.

This is a view of the top section of the atrium wall. 

And a view looking right up. 

Emma and Adam polishing the panels with baby oil (recommended to us by the site manager and it creates a fabulous sheen on stainless steel).

The atrium space is quite shallow, and it is only possible to see the whole artwork by standing quite close to the wall and looking up. The upper sections can be seen more easily from walkways which  run across the space.

Emma reflected in a panel whose design came from rubbings of bark.

The Old Fire Station opened last Friday, and on Saturday the public could enter for the first time.  It was fantastic to see the building being used, and to see children, actors and dancers, and the general public exploring the building and enjoying it's wonderful spaces. 
For Emma and I it was special to see people reflected in the artwork, and to see children interacting with it. This was an important part of our vision for this work, as we wanted the work to reflect the life of the building, and to be changed by it.


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