Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ingrid Calame Exhibition

During my trip to Edinburgh I took the opportunity to visit some galleries whilst the Arts Festival was on. There were many exhibitions which resonated with the work which we have been doing during the workshops. This artist 'Ingrid Calame' was exhibiting at The Fruitmarket Gallery.

Calame traces individual stains, cracks and markings from specific sites and translates them into her work. The tracings made me think about the proces which were were using to develop the artwork, picking out certain areas and building a bigger pieces from smaller images. This pieces was made by painting enamel paint into large sheets of tracing paper, I culd imagine the laser-cut work having a similar effect.

Calame  combines and layers her drawings into what she calls a 'constellation' a layered arrangement of tracings.

Calame uses coloured pencil to trace onto Mylar on a large-scale. You can see the layers of tracings overlapping each other. We have used a similar idea with layering the laser-cut pieces.


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