Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fabrication in progress...

The metal has arrived at the fabricators and they are getting ready to cut our panels.

I had a call today from the technician who prepares the drawings for cutting. He is very experienced with complex designs like ours and seemed to be totally unphased by the scale and intricacy of the work. I was also pleased that he hasn't found too many errors in our artwork thanks to advice from Natasha of Grace and Webb. Emma and I spent hours spent tidying up our files and curving every little sharp corner in the 39 panels that are being cut for the installation. He picked up on a few blips, but nothing major.

I'm now hoping that the very complicated document I sent this evening showing how all the panels will be fixed on the wall doesn't scare him off!

We plan to visit the fabricators to see the first few panels being cut and should be able to post pics on here next week.


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