Thursday, 22 September 2011

Edinburgh Museum

During a recent visit to Edinburgh I visited the newly refurbished Museum. I wanted to have a look at the Natural History section to see if there was anything inspiring which I could use for additional design ideas for the laser-cut piece. I was particularly intrigued by the range of corals. I really like the shape and the details. I found a huge brain coral (Susan fron Oxford Natural History Museum ) had brought a smaller one in to one of our sessions for the participants to look at. It reminded me somewhat of labyrinths and one of the participant's work who came to one of the taster sessions.
I did a drawing of this - not looking at the paper, just at the object.

This was a highly polished stone (sorry I can't remember the name), it was about 5ft tall and about 20cm thick. It was an incredibly tactile piece, however what caught my eye was the clusters of pattern. The shapes were irregular and almost reminded me of cellular structures.

Another rock with similar patterns of clusters. This reminds me of the patterns on a giraffe!

Fan-like coral, this has lots of movement and I love the delicacy of it. I can see this working well as a laser-cut piece already.

More coral structures


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