Thursday, 22 September 2011

A look at some of the art work created

An experimental piece. The paper was wetted down and pushed into the bark of a tree and left to dry. The paper took on the patterns and form of the tree bark. Rips were forced into the paper as the paper was sponged into place on the branch.

A mono print looking closely at the detail of a poppy flower

Mono print of poppy flower

Mono print of a rose flower

observational drawing of a plant hanging outside the workshop window.

An impression of lily pads on the pond surface. Looking at clusters and round shapes repeating.

Observational drawing of leaves. Beautiful line quality and confidence of drawing is expressed in this image.

Drawing of hanging plant, I like the simplicity and the composition.

A very textural piece made by taping paper around the tree bark and taking a rubbing using soft pastel in various tones.

A stylised impression of a leaf. Close observation of the detail of the veins can be seen.

This image is a progression of the tree rubbing. A thick pen was used to select lines which were important.

One of the pieces lying on the ground. I captured this shadow of some seed heads blowing in the wind and thought it worked well with our theme and ideas!

This drawing is reminiscent of a 1950s/60's fabric print. repeat pattern was researched and this idea developed into the final piece. The original leaf shape was made from wire mesh and modroc.

An interesting collagraph print taken from the drawings of tree bark.

A rubbing from the tree bark putting different pressures onto the pastel to create some interesting line qualities.

A large-scale spray painted piece. Stencils were made and cut out from a previous drawing. The stencils (both positive & negative) were used to build up layers of pattern. To create a sense of movement the direction of leaves was considered and spread across the paper from a thicker areas drifting off into just a couple of leaf shapes.


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