Thursday, 4 August 2011

Taster Session at Lucy Faithfull House/O'Hanlon House

During the taster Sessions we are trying to create a positive and very relaxed environment, allowing people the space to find their niche and work in a way they're comfortable with. At the same time, we're providing lots of different creative opportunities and suggesting ways of working by joining in ourselves.

At Lucy Faithfull House we decided to save talks about the project until late morning by which time we hopefully would have a rapport with the group. 

In practice it made sense to delay the more formal presentation as people drifted in gradually. Again, there was a good atmosphere. Andy was there early on and Damien came and immediately got involved with using clay. Some people came and went, one of whom did a lovely drawing with inks onto a large sheet of Japanese paper.

A couple of people came over from O’Hanlon House, and stayed with us throughout the session. One worked very quietly throughout, doing some print and some painting. The other was very chatty and contributed lots of ideas, enthusiasm and humour to the session. 
There were lots of interesting contributions from the group and we spent longer chatting over the presentation than I had expected. We noted down the comments and suggestions, however afterwards I wondered if  we should have done more to encourage the group to draw and doodle during the session. We’ll aim to have lots of marker pens and big sheets of paper during the presentation at the Gatehouse. 
Overall we felt the session had gone well and everyone seemed to enjoy it.



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